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Domain Monetizing
Earn Unlimited Revenue with Domain Monetizing Service!

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet

You can really imagine the possibilities of earning a significant income on your domains. HostingBangladesh offers a BEST opportunity to monetize your unused domains. You will surely benefit from HostingBangladesh Domain Monetizing Service and soon be able to monetize domains and make money from your existing domains.

How Domain Monetizing Service works?

1. You simply add your unused domains into our parking platform and start monetizing immediately.
2. This service will direct your traffic to our parked page running PPC ads, CPM banners, text links, etc.
3. The more traffic you have, the more ad exposure you receive, which means the more money you make.
4. You will get paid monthly 60% of total revenue generated from your parked domains.

Service features and benefits

Save the time spent maintaining your unused domains Easy to make money online from your parked domains Attract more traffic through our innovative technologies Maximize your domain revenue and profitability

What is ID Shield?
  • Everyday domain owner’s information is exposed in the Public Whois Database. The privacy such as name, address, phone number and email address is available to spammers, scammers, harassers and even worse. Hosting Bangladesh provides domain owners with ID Shield Service — a perfect solution to protect the privacy and stop domain-related spam.

What are benefits of using ID Shield?
  • We replace your registrant, technical, admin and billing information with HostingBangladesh ID Shield Whois. Although the whois information shows our information, you retain full ownership of the domain. You can pause/ resume your ID Shield service on a domain for three times for free. You have complete control over the domain; you can manage all facets of the domain via your control panel like domains without ID Shield service. Email address listed in each contact will be changed constantly to avoid being bombarded by spammer.

How does ID Shield protect you from spam?
  • Due to our dynamic email system, your visible email address is constantly changing, so while it is being harvested and redistributed, it will change and the previous address will no longer work for the spammer. The ID Shield Service also secures and maintains your real email address on file so you receive important information regarding your domain.

What if i want to prove ownership of domain which is protected by ID Shield.
  • You have the ability to temporarily disable the ID Protect service through your domain control panel. Turn off the service and the whois information will be restored from the real one on file. You have 3 times to use pause ID shield for free. $2 per operation will be charged for additonal pause/start.

Does ID shield support all types of domain name?
  • Yes, this service is available for almost all type of domain.